Community Corner – April 9

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Sonya Hwang – WWS PAC Chair & Parent

Sonya Hwang
Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Sonya Hwang, and along with my husband, Harvey Lim, we have two children at Whistler Waldorf. Kai is in Grade 7 and Hana is in Grade 5. Both have been at the school since Early Years. Harvey and I have lived in Whistler for nearly 25 years (I was very young!). Harvey owns Art Junction Gallery and Frame Studio in Function, and I run a PR agency working with a broad variety of clients primarily from outside Whistler. I like reading, learning, going for long walks, and soaking in hot tubs!

I have been a Whistler Waldorf School Board of Trustee for the past three years working with a group of smart and dedicated parents to support the school. This year, I also took on the responsibility of PAC (Parent Action Council) chair to help create community through various initiatives including Winter Faire, Parent Enrichment, social gatherings and more.

How has your family doing navigating homeschooling?

I can’t deny, I miss our old daily and weekly rhythm, and I know that the children miss school, their teachers and their friends. It was really important for us from the beginning that we establish some sort of rhythm, of which we’ve had mixed results. Homeschooling has been a huge learning curve for me in a very short time. I have a new respect for the teachers and the amount of effort and prep that it takes to hold even just two children through their schoolwork. I’ve been told repeatedly that I suck as a teacher! This week has been a new adjustment with Planbook, Teams and Zoom, particularly for our children who haven’t had much exposure to technology. Given the circumstances, I’ve been impressed with what the school and teachers have set up during a very short time frame. I look forward to smoother days ahead as we all grow more comfortable with this new style of learning.

Now that we can’t go to school or gather as a community in person, how do you see your role as PAC chair? 

Whether it’s meeting in person our connecting online, in my opinion, PAC can still have a role in school community building. While the May Faire won’t be happening, there are a few events that, given interest, we could try and move online. Last week, for example, the PAC purchased the rights for our school community to screen Journey Smith’s Hope documentary, of which I hope people take advantage of. Some of the other ideas that we’ve had are, a virtual Mom’s and Dad’s Night, continuing the Book Club, a Zoom Coffee House etc.

If anyone has ideas or is interested in helping out, I would love to connect and hear your ideas about how we can continue to connect as a community and support each other during this unprecedented time. You can reach out to me at Sonya Hwang.

Thank you Sonya!

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PEACE Counselling Program available for families

Now more than ever it is important to be connecting and supporting children, youth and families.

The PEACE Counselling program is offered through the Howe Sound Women’s Centre & funded through the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General.

This program provides service to children and families who have experienced family conflict and/or violence in the home through separation and divorce. It aims to help promote problem solving, model healthy expression of feelings and help children define personal boundaries for emotional strength and safety.

Full program details including contacts in their Letter to schools

Whistler Food Bank New Hours:

Starting Monday March 30, the Whistler Community Services Society (WCSS) Food Bank at 8000 Nesters Road will be open by appointment only on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10 am to 3 pm.

Please call 604-902-4800 to book your appointment.

Unable to make an appointment and need emergency food? Drop in at the Food Bank any time between 10 am and 3 pm on Wednesdays.

There are no requirements to access the food bank. Families can book an appointment starting Monday, March 30th.