Community Corner – April 30

WWS Spotlight

A chance to meet our school community

Katherine Fawcett – WWS Music Teacher

Writer, music teacher for WWS Lower School, yoga enthusiast, trail runner, skier and member of the Sea to Sky Orchestra.

How many books have you written?
The Swan Suit is my 4th book. I wrote a children’s book called Mushkid in 2003 (self-published), and a book about the bears of this area called A Whistler Bear Story in 2010. In 2015, my first fiction book The Little Washer of Sorrows was released, and The Swan Suit is brand new, published this past March.

How did you become interested in being a writer?
I became interested in becoming a story-teller because my parents use to tell made-up stories to me at night before bed. They were wonderful and wild. I carried the tradition on with my own children (Jack and Lilah). Making the leap from a story-teller to a story-writer is just a matter of slowing things down, letting your imagination go where it wants, and setting aside time in your day to put those words on paper.

What else do you do when you’re not writing? Possibly a new passion you’re getting into during this time?
When I’m not writing or playing music, I love doing crafty things. My newest project is working with indigo dye to make new pillow cases and maybe even a duvet cover.

Thank you Katherine for sharing your passions with Waldorf. 

Bulletin Board Listings

Event and  ISO Posts from our community

Support the Stay at Home Gala Fundraiser this Saturday May 2:

A night to connect, unite, and nourish your community.

On Saturday, May 2nd from 5-7pm, the Stay at Home Gala will be launched nationwide in cities across Canada, with each community streaming local speakers, in addition to national keynotes and musicians adding to the entertainment as well. The first hour will broadcast National talent and the 2nd hour will be all Whistler locals’.

Purchase Tickets & donate for the event. All money raised goes to support members of our community who have been impacted by COVID-19.

Tele-Connect with Arctic Explorers – Wed. May 6:

Luna, the Whistler Public Library and Whistler’s Youth Centre is hosting a great event that is in collaboration with the two explorers/citizen scientists (Hilde and Sunniva + Ettra the dog)  from Hearts in the Ice, who are currently hold up in a Cabin in the Arctic (Svalbard area).

Sunniva and Hilde have been overwintering in the Arctic (isolated in a cabin miles from anything) as part of a project to explore the Arctic and conduct citizen science projects for groups like NASA etc. regarding climate change and to help monitor what’s going on with the Polar regions.  They have also been communicating with various schools and teens around the globe during their time away.  They were due to finish their expedition soon but due to Covid-19 it looks like they will have to stay longer now.  They have a 1 week window of time (next week) where they will be having to do a resupply journey and that will enable them access to online video talks with us.   Then they will be back at the cabin and unable to video chat after that for a quite a while.

The LIVE tele-conference is scheduled for this upcoming Wednesday MAY 6th @ 12 PM.

What is the event?: It’s an amazing opportunity to talk to these two women who, between them, have 50 years of experience working, living and exploring in both the Arctic and Antarctic.  They will talk about the polar regions, the history of exploration, climate change and the science they are conducting while there.  PLUS we can get to hear how they have been dealing with isolation for over the last 9 months and then how they are managing with this extension to the isolation they are now faced with.  There will be photos during the talk as well with live Q & A from viewers

Why watch?: The Library, LUNA and The YC feel that this live chat with Sunniva (who lived in Squamish) and Hilde (from Svalbard)  is a very unique experience open to Whistler students and the community.  In a time when everyone is working through the  many Covid-19 challenges, how amazing would it be to expand our horizons and hear about adventures exploring big picture initiatives, helping us move towards a positive and healthy future.

Submitting questions for the Live Q & A: We will be collecting questions in advance of the LIVE talkif teachers,  students or members of the community would like to make sure their questions are answered.  Please forward your questions  ideally by end of Tuesday May 5th. The event code = Svalbard.

​Alternatively, viewers can write in questions during the LIVE YouTube talk but if they are sent in advance there’s a good chance they will be addressed. There will also be some trivia and prizes live online.
Here is the event listing on the Library website and the explorer’s Hearts in the Ice website.

Whistler Food Bank New Location:

The Whistler Community Services Society (WCSS) Food Bank has moved to the Whistler Conference Centre and is open Monday to Friday from 10 am to 3 pm. There is no appointment necessary. We will give out food while supplies last every day.

Thank you so much for passing this on! Please call 604-902-4800 if you have a question for need to book an appointment for another time.

PEACE Counselling Program available for families

Now more than ever it is important to be connecting and supporting children, youth and families.

The PEACE Counselling program is offered through the Howe Sound Women’s Centre & funded through the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General.

This program provides service to children and families who have experienced family conflict and/or violence in the home through separation and divorce. It aims to help promote problem solving, model healthy expression of feelings and help children define personal boundaries for emotional strength and safety.

Full program details including contacts in their Letter to schools 

There are no requirements to access the food bank. Families can book an appointment starting Monday, March 30th.

Virtual events @ the Whistler Public Library.

The Whistler Public library has moved their community events online! Using Zoom and Facebook Live the WPL will bring you virtual versions of some of your favourite programs, from Book Club to Story Time to Meditation and more.

The full list of programs for all ages is in the  Virtual Events Calendar.