Grade 8 Study of World Geography


Online mini-concert for music learning

Distance learning continues – WWS Gr. 4 students still participate in music classes and enjoy a mini-concert online, playing for one another to keep everyone motivated! 


Distance Learning Waldorf style.

Gr. 8’s are learning about the American, French and Industrial Revolution as part of World Geography, comparing the values, worldviews, and beliefs of human cultures and societies in different times and places. Students are encouraged to explore different mediums and forms of expression in their assignments to provide learning through hands-on discovery and experience, even from a distance.

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Art re-creation at home… the Getty Museum Challenge

Art re-created at home! Some grade 7 students participated in the Art History Challenge that recreated works of art with objects (and even younger siblings) that were found at home during self-isolation.

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High School Clubs Started

This week HS clubs have started this week!

Wednesday Period 3 2:00-3:00 Art & Tech Club with Ms. Bostrom

This week and next week we will be learning origami making! Flower, swan…who knows what else?! Soon to come CAD architecture.

Thursday Period 3 2:00-3:00 Yearbook & Student Council with Ms. Maclean

This week and next week we will be finishing up the yearbook pages, almost ready for print! We will also be brainstorming an idea for socially distant student social idea. Pen-pal letters? Scavanger hunt? Distance Trivia? Come help decide!

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  • Ms. Maclean
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Thank you to essential workers!

Thank you to all the essential workers in our community! You are helping keep us safe and we appreciate everything you do!

Impressive Waldorf at a Distance work!

Grade 8, Oak’s illustration of a scientist who has made contributions to the field of chemistry!

WWS Community Invited to Share

A forum for WWS Community Posts

Sharing ideas & accomplishments outside of the classroom

During our indefinite school suspension, we are reaching out to the community members of WWS to post their pictures of home study projects and daily activities to

In the upcoming weeks we will share them in the weekly school E-news and on our website as positive contributions to our continuing Waldorf education outside of the classrooms.

You can also post thoughtful comments and inspirational messages to your fellow WWS community members including your teachers, the Parent Advisory Committee and the many family members that make up Whistler Waldorf School.

Let’s keep in touch during this challenging time with your uplifting ideas, affirmations and amazing contributions.

Happy Posting!