Whistler Waldorf School Parent Council

What is the PAC and the Parent Council?

The Whistler Waldorf School Parent Action Council (PAC) refers to all parents and guardians of students currently enrolled in the school. The Parent Council is comprised of elected representatives who oversee various events and fundraising initiatives throughout the year.

2016-17 Parent Council Representatives

Contact your Parent Council representatives via email at or in person!

Elected Representatives

Sheila Sherkat (Roshan, Grade 11; Cove, Grade 8)

Erin Reid (Talia, Grade 5; Joshua, Grade 3)

Tracy Graham (Emily, Grade 4)

What is the purpose of the Parent Council?

The purpose of the Parent Council is to fund raise, “friend-raise” and “fun-raise” by creating a social network of Whistler Waldorf parents through our many events, and to assist with the ongoing development of the school. We conduct several fundraising initiatives during the year and support a variety of “fun-raising” and parent enrichment activities.

The Parent Council is not involved in any day-to-day operations of the school, nor are we involved in matters under the jurisdiction of the Board of Trustees. Our mandate is solely to assist the school by conducting fundraising and spirit engendering events and activities.

Events and Activities

Participation at Whistler Waldorf School can take many forms. Every family is an important shareholder in this unique community that nurtures our children. Your participation is essential in making a difference!

Together, as a community in support of our children, we raised over $40,000 and contributed over 300 volunteer hours to Whistler Waldorf in 2015-16 and are on target to do it again this year!

The events and activities that the Parent Council organizes over the year provide a variety of opportunities for parents to become engaged with the school community, to meet other parents, and to support the school.


Fundraising initiatives supplement WWS programs that enhance our children’s learning environment.

In 2016, fundraising initiatives included organic apples sales, a Back to School BBQ, our hot lunch program, organic pie sales, Christmas card sales, and school photos.

Major fundraising and community building events include our annual Harvest Soup Contest (Oct), our beloved Christmas and May Fairs (Dec & May) and our Annual Gala (June).


Volunteer service places parents and their abilities in the centre of their children’s school life. There are endless opportunities to get involved. If you have a particular volunteer interest or skill to share, contact our Community Development Manager, Jen Dodds. Ideas are warmly welcome!

Some regular volunteer tasks include:

Hot lunch: Volunteers help sort pizza, prepare veggies and deliver lunches to the classrooms 1x a week for approximately 1 hour.

Harvest Soup Contest: Volunteers set up and serve soup at the Farmer’s Market (Thanksgiving weekend)

Christmas Fair – This is an “all hands on deck” event. Each class assumes responsibility for one aspect of the fair – craft stations, bake sale table, kitchen, etc.

Annual Spring Gala – Our largest undertaking, many volunteers help plan and coordinate the event and solicit donations and sponsorship.

Council Meetings

All parents and guardians are welcome to attend Council meetings and there is always room for more parent involvement at Whistler Waldorf School! Our school is more than just academics — it is our community. We value each member of our community for their unique perspective and contribution to the whole.

We would love to meet you and personally welcome you our school community. Attend our meetings and bring your questions and ideas.

Shop and Support Whistler Waldorf

There are ways you can help support Whistler Waldorf School indirectly through your regular shopping. The following grocery stores contribute to the School at no additional charge to you when you use their gift cards.

  • SPUD Cards

    SPUD gift cards are a quick and easy way to spread the joy of healthy living. Gift cards can be sent via email, or printed at home. Every time you purchase a SPUD gift card on their website, 10% is donated to our school. Please select Whistler Waldorf School from the drop-down menu when purchasing.