Whistler Waldorf School Admissions

Admissions Process

Please review our admissions process below. For inquiries regarding admissions, please contact our Registrar at or 604-932-1885 ext. 107.

1. Visit Whistler Waldorf School

Attend an Open House/School Tour, Parent Education Evening or personal appointment

An Open House/School Tour views the classrooms from Early Years to Upper Grades.  It provides an overview of the philosophy and curriculum by observing classes “in action”.  There is time afterwards for parents to ask questions in an informal setting with the Tour host. Consult our calendar for upcoming dates.

On occasion the community is invited to attend Parent Enrichment Evenings at the school.  These evenings have lectures/workshops around a particular theme, may have student work on display, and will provide opportunities to speak with the teachers and visit a classroom or two. Classes are not conducted during Parent Enrichment Evenings. Consult our calendar for upcoming dates.

If attending either option is not possible, please contact our Registrar at 604-932-1885 ext. 107 or

2. Submit an Application Package

Playschool / Kindergarten Application Package:

Grade School / High School Application Package:

Payments may be submitted by e-transfer to, or by cash, cheque, or credit card at our Reception desk. Application Packages can be brought to reception at the school or mailed to P.O. Box 1501, Whistler BC V0N 1B0.  Please make cheques for application fees payable to Whistler Waldorf School.

3. Admissions Interviews

  • Initial contact by our Registrar. If there is no opening in the appropriate class, the student’s name will be added to a waiting list.
  • In person Parent Interview with the class teacher (with parents & child attending the meeting).
  • Following a class visit, the class teacher will meet with parents to share observations.

4. Class Visit

Classroom Visit (2-3 days) for grade Grade 4-12 applying student.

5. Administrative Meeting

  • Upon an offer of enrollment by the Faculty, a final meeting with our Director of Administration Vicky Bunbury is scheduled to discuss the agreements, policies and financial aspects of enrollment.
  • Review of the agreements and payment options may be discussed in person or over the phone. The Tuition Adjustment process may be discussed at this point if appropriate.
  • One week is the normal return deadline for new contracts.

6. Admissions Process Timing

  • New openings are typically identified in early March for the following September.
  • Interviews may take place any time.
  • Where openings permit, a student may enter the class during the school year.

7. Questions?

Please contact our Registrar at 604-932-1885 ext. 107 or

Provisional Period for New Students

For all students new to the school, there is a three-month provisional period. Withdrawals during this time can take place if the teacher or parents feel it is in the best interest of the child or class. If the child remains past this three-month period, it should be understood that a commitment has been made for the remainder of the school year. If the child is withdrawn by the parents during this period, tuition is due only for the time the child attended school, but the deposit is forfeited. If the teacher requests that the child is withdrawn, tuition is due for the time the child is enrolled, and the deposit is refunded.

Withdrawal Policy

If a student leaves the Whistler Waldorf School for any reason after a tuition agreement has been signed and tuition payments have been received, (excluding illness) the family is responsible for tuition determined as follows:

a. If a student is withdrawn in writing after the first tuition payment is made, but prior to August 15, your family is responsible for 33% of your total tuition invoice as a non-refundable deposit.

b. If a student is withdrawn after school has started, but before October 31, the family is obligated to pay 75% of total tuition.

c. If a student is withdrawn after December 15, the family is responsible for 100% of total tuition.

d. If the school asks that the child is withdrawn, your family is only obligated to pay tuition for the time that the child attended school.

The family will notify the School’s Registrar in writing stating the reason the student is leaving and the final date s/he will attend. The family’s tuition obligation will be calculated according to the above criteria and the family will be billed. The Agreement will be considered in effect until written notification is received.