Making Waldorf Education a Reality

The Whistler Waldorf School knows that the education of your children is one of your top priorities and, even with the greatest commitment, families may find it challenging to finance a Waldorf education.

Choosing independent education for your child and family is a decision that requires much consideration, on both philosophical and financial levels. As an non-profit, independent school, we endeavor to keep our fees as low as possible and WWS is actively engaged in providing assistance to those who may need financial support in order to attend our school.

Accessible Tuition Opportunities

Support for our Financial Assistance & Scholarship Programs

Every year WWS will award approximately $300,000 to around 35% of our students. This level of support is extraordinary and exceeds many Waldorf schools of our size. Our Tuition Adjustment & Scholarship Programs are a key feature of the culture and overall success of our school community who highly values Waldorf education.

These programs are made possible by the tremendous support of our current families, alumni, board of trustees and staff, and friends in the wider community, with the Scholarship Selection Committee including members of our PAC, Board of Trustees and Administrative team. 

If your family will not be accessing the financial aid programs this year and feel that you would like to make a contribution to support another child’s education, please contact us to discuss the many meaningful opportunities available.

  • Tuition Adjustment Program

    Tuition Adjustment Program Approximately 20% of the WWS annual operating budget is devoted to financial aid and 36% of students receive financial aid on average/year. The program offers the opportunity for those to choose Waldorf even though financial barriers may be present.

  • New Student Scholarships

    New Student Scholarships – Students selected as a WWS New Student Scholarship recipient are entitled to $5000 annually or approximately 50% tuition support for up to three subsequent years.

  • Sibling Discounts

    Sibling Discounts – Families with 2 or more children enrolled at WWS concurrently receive a 25% tuition discount for the 2nd child and 50% tuition discount for the third and subsequent children.

*Please note: Our Licensed Group Childcare programs for children 5 & under are not eligible for  Tuition Adjustment and/or Sibling Discounts, as other financial discount opportunities apply.

Tuition Adjustment Program

Whistler Waldorf School Accessible Tuition

Did you know?

We have one of the highest percentages of annual budget devoted to financial aid among independent schools in area which is indicative of our commitment to providing affordable Waldorf education. Financial aid decisions in no way impact student admissions decisions.

  • Financial Aid is needs based
  • Approximately 20% of the WWS annual operating budget is devoted to financial aid
  • 36% of students received financial aid this school year
  • Students must be enrolled in Kindergarten-Grade 12 to be eligible for Financial Aid.
  • Awards average 40-50% of the tuition cost
Helping you secure the education you want for your child

The Tuition Adjustment Program assessment process is not intended to put up barriers for tuition adjustment, but to ensure that a fair and transparent process is in place so the school can be a healthy, financially responsible and fully accountable organization. We trust that every family will evaluate their financial situation honestly and provide the documentation required in a timely manner.

Should our family apply for tuition assistance?

When applying for tuition assistance, please consider these questions:

  1. What can our family provide to ensure that the school is financially healthy and viable, ensuring that this education is available to my family in the future?
  2. Are there any other funding sources that can be pursued? Is there a parent, grand-parent, or family relative who might be inspired to help with tuition or make a donation to the school?
  3. What choices have we made to free-up our financial situation to allow us to contribute to the school?
  4. Is our family’s need for tuition adjustment temporary? When our financial situation changes positively, can we provide more, or can we re-pay the difference?

Application Procedure & Timeline

The application process is be supported by a third party advisor, Apple Financial Services, ensuring fair and accurate financial assessments. Any families who would like to be considered for Tuition Adjustment are invited to register and submit an application. (Remember to start submitting early to provide the school enough time to determine the overall demand for the program.)

The application process can be received anytime through the school year, and it takes 2-3 weeks to complete the analysis once Apple Financial Services receives all required information/documents from families. There is a $115 assessment fee involved upon completion of the application, which can be waived if needed*.

*Please note: School Supply Fees and our Licensed Childcare programs are not eligible for Tuition Adjustment. Also, families must be current with their tuition accounts to apply for tuition assistance.

New Student Scholarship Fund

FAQs about the Scholarship Program

  • Up to four Scholarships will be awarded to newly enrolling students. Preference is given to incoming students in Lower grades & High School.
  • The scholarship provides $5,000 toward tuition* annually or approximately 50% tuition support.
  • It is renewable for two additional years provided the recipient continues to thrive at our school and demonstrate the qualities for which the scholarship is given.  

*Please note: School supplies fees and trip fees are not included in the scholarship benefit. Further tuition adjustment and other discounts are not available to scholarship recipients. 

Providing opportunities for new students 

In celebration of the milestones of 100 years of Waldorf education and 20 years of Whistler Waldorf School we are pleased to offer a New Student Scholarship Fund for new applicants. The fund was started in 2020, and provides an opportunity for those in the local community to consider a Waldorf education for their family, especially for those with multiple children to enrol. Also, it offers those who have financial barriers for transferring from another school, where a Waldorf education might allow a child to flourish within a new education environment and community.

The WWS New Student Scholarship Program is made possible in part through the financial support of community members who value Waldorf education. The Scholarship Selection Committee includes members of our PAC, Board of Trustees and Administrative team. 

Eligibility Criteria

Waldorf education can only achieve its fullest potential with the active involvement of each student’s family.  

The ideal candidate family will:  

  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to understanding Waldorf education, including our school’s media guidelines and policies 
  • Demonstrate an active interest in participating in their child’s school life 
  • Attend class meetings, parent conferences, and parent education events 
  • Have either never attended, or have not attended a Waldorf school in the last five years 
  • Have been accepted for enrollment at WWS 

Sibling Support for New Families 

New families enrolling siblings of a scholarship recipient are welcome to apply for tuition adjustment for their other children. The oldest sibling of the scholarship recipient will owe the 1st Student Tuition Rate at that student’s grade level; the second oldest sibling will receive the 25% sibling discount and so on. Playschool students (5 and under) are not eligible for sibling discounts or considered in calculations of sibling discounts, but may be eligible for Early Years financial discounts. 

Interested in applying?

New student applicants can find out more about the admissions process, tour the school and book an interview to start the admissions process.

Applications for the WWS New Student Scholarship Program are generally accepted until mid-April of the current year for enrolment in the following school year. Check our Facebook for details or up-to-date deadlines.

Question(s) about our tuition assistance programs?